Electrical Safety Show

Making Accidents Disappear is an educational and entertaining program that teaches children across the country the importance of electrical safety. The 35-minute school assembly program uses audience participation, comedy, stories, and magic to communicate the importance of behaving safely around electricity.

Because accidents, not diseases, are the number one killer of children in America, Making Accidents Disappear is a powerful tool that helps parents, teachers, and industry combat these otherwise needless tragedies. Unlike so many other causes of childhood death, accident related death is the one that is most preventable with proper education. And, using fun magic tricks and illusions to seize the children’s attention proves the most effective method for insuring that this important message sinks in.

The goal of the Making Accidents Disappear program is to communicate to children the following themes:

1.Just like a hammer or a saw, electricity is a tool. When handled foolishly electricity can be dangerous and even deadly.
2.Never climb trees or fly kites near power-lines.
3.Never stick anything other than a plug into an electrical outlet.
4.Never use anything electric in or around the bathtub.
5.Never touch a wire of any kind that you find on the ground when you are playing outside. Instead, go find an adult and show it to them.
6.Don’t plug in any electric cord that has become frayed or has exposed wires.