Math Assembly

The Math-Amazing Wonder Show

Finally! An Assembly Where Your Kids Learn The Fun, Excitement & Importance of MATH! 

Let’s be honest. Math is a stumbling block for many children. One reason is there are no shortcuts to math progress. Only work and practice make it happen. The Math-Amazing Wonder Show supplies supplies the motivation and excitement to jumpstart that progress.

A Message That Gives The Needed WHY So Kids Want To Learn HOW! 

Trying to teach specific math skills to a group of K-5 students is a fool’s errand. Teach skills suitable for the fifth grade and kindergarten is clueless. Teach kindergarten skills and the older kids are bored. The key to a successful math assembly is not teaching how to do math. There are 2 keys:
1) Reminding the kids WHY they’re learning math in the first place.
That’s where the Math-Amazing Wonder Show will help your kids to soar!
2) Giving the kids “a taste of the POWER of math”. Example: in grade friendly language your kids learn how Eratosthenes figured out the circumference of the Earth in 200 B.C. (Hint: it wasn’t a 24,901 mile tape measure.)

A Motivating, Exciting 3 Part Message! 

Math is fun! Math is already a necessary part of things kids LOVE to do! and math itself can be fun with clever math tricks and short cuts.
Math Helps Everything! Math is part of EVERY job: Newspapers, Engineering, Money, etc, even PIZZA! (And you know kids love pizza) How was the size of the earth figured out over TWO THOUSAND YEARS AGO? Math, of course!
Math Takes Practice! Don’t give up! Practice make perfect! You will be REWARDED!

A GREAT MOTIVATIONAL SOUVENIR! Each student will receive the Math-Amazing Membership Card! It’s a fantastic educational souvenir that teaches your kids a funmathematical magic trick they can do and reinforces the motivational message of the program! Included with your assembly at no additional cost.


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